David Boykin and the SEBAU

The Promontory Chicago , 5311 S. Lake Park Ave. West, Chicago

"The Lynching of (Insert the Name of Any white Killer of an Unarmed Black Here)": an Avant Garde Soul Jazz Hip H-Opera is the story of two young lovers that are activists in the movement for black liberation.

Composed and performed by David Boykin and the SEBAU

The SEBAU is a new band formed specifically for this project featuring Isaiah Spencer on drums, Rollo Radford on bass, Gira Dahnee on piano, Brenda Gilbert on violin, Jayve Montgomery on turntables and samples, Sankara Harouna on vocals, Manu Wisdom on rhymes,

The story is inspired by the current phenomena of the many social protests and demonstrations occurring across the United States (and other countries in sympathy), in response to the large number of unarmed blacks being killed by white civilians and police officers (such as George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson) in the United States, who suffer no punishment for their actions from the U.S. justice system. The music will combine hip hop rapping, soul singing, avant-garde jazz, hip hop dj-ing, and operatic singing.