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I am so excited to bring all this new music to the world! - Gira  

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 * UPDATE So I have great news! I have reached my $3,000 goal for my 3Artscrowdfunding campaign thanks to all my friends and family! However, there is more work to be done- it cost about 3,900 dollars to make vinyl records therefore any future monies donated will go to the vinal writing portion of the project! Thank you for your support fam! I am sooo looking forward to make this happen! -Love Gira!

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Athea Teamer * Adam Zanolini * Scott McNiece * Madja Jaishankar * Zahra Alabanza  * Kelly Mosely Paul * Lauren Barnes *

Koffi Ofosu-Yeboah * Robert and Sylvia Glass * Norman Teague *Edward Onaci * Rasheda Den'e Kilpatrick * Emelda Lawson 

Charles Hasen-Kilpatrick  * Mia Henry * Aaron Reed * Angel Elmore * Sandra Kilpatrick * Tsadakeeyah Emmanuel * Viva Yeboah*

Nyamekye Laird * Braxton Holmes * Michael Strode * Cauleen Smith * Eileen Hare * Shamilia McBean * Lamar Garnes


More on A Call to Love

A Call to Love.. The Place and the Music

The Place

Recorded at Hunter Gallery, in the historic neighborhood of Bronzeville, within Chicago IL, the album, A Call To Love, masterminded by Gira Dahnee was recorded along with three friends, Angel Bat Dawid, Adam Zanolini, and Scott McNeice. I wanted the listener to experience the music up close and personal, therefore I forwent the traditional studio recording and record the album in Hunter Gallery, located right next door to the home of Dr. Margarette Anne Burroughs, founder for both the South Side Community Arts and DuSable Museums in Chicago, IL. 

The Music

The style of the music is very much improvisational similar to the styling of the Association for the Advancement of Colored Musicians(AACM). I really wanted to pay homage to that legacy. The album has six tracks and is about 44 minutes long. The tracklisting in order is:  Picture Perfect, That Funky, Ella Holighost, A Call to Love, The Embrace, and Buttah. 

The title track A Call to Love, is a song that reflects my favorite blend of writing, a bit of standard jazz, with an improvisational break, laced with these siren-like vocals. It’s a song written around the time my father passed away, and every time I perform the piece, I feel like I am calling to something that the world needs more of “Love”. To fix the broken hearts of us all.