My Story

Gira Dahnee is a Chicago musician that  believes that music is a passageway to the metaphysical realm. The conceptual interests of Gira’s work is Afrofuturism: using the past and present to create better futures for people of African descent. Harnessing the concept of feminine goddess power, she discusses sexism, abuse, and uses music as a tool to face and heal from these issues. She also focuses on community development by using music as a force to bring people together. 

Her up and coming album A Call to Love is an album that was written after several deaths in her family: a cousin at the hand of gun violence, and her father and stepmother within the last year. The title song of her up and coming LP and is an example of the experience of love: the smooth calling we feel when we are in sync with a lover, and the torment we have when one experiences turbulence in that relationship. 

After the release of her album she wants to continue offering spaces for women to express themselves through music by starting a jam session featuring women musicians. She hopes to inspire others to live life to the fullest and enjoy the process of life.

Musical Works Include: 

Gira’s work through "Future Geechee" explores modern day personal experiences with people, spirits, and the creator. Audiences will understand the emotions of a black American woman who is powerful but still learning how to utilize feminine power in the world we live in today while simultaneously projecting what the power of womanhood should look like in the future. Audiences will have the opportunity to participate in the musical process and be taught how to use the energy as a healing technique.  (2013)

Makaya McCraven's "Highly Rare" released by International Athem's label. Recorded Live at Danny's Tavern. (2017)

Ben Lamar Gaye's "Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun" ,(Mujal) released by International Anthem Label. (2018)