The Tiny Desk Concert Video is Live!!! 

Doing so much more to bring visibility to my music. If you like the video below please share with others. We are hoping to win the contest and represent Chicago!! 

Our Tiny Desk honors the ancestors who pioneered the music we call jazz, especially those from Chicago! Fred Anderson's Velvet lounge was a delta of greats. He mentored so many and provided a space where musicians could learn, grow, and innovate new sounds. I am so glad to share "Bloody Stained Dandelions" featuring Adam Zanolini, Angel Bat Dawid, and Scottie McNiece- with you.- Look for it on the new album A Call to Love


<3 Gira 




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Dance of the Comets

The Sleeiping Village , 3734 W Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL 60618

DANCE OF THE COMETS: A Sonic Blessing To Saturate The New Walls Of Sleeping Village And A Swim Around The Cosmos https://www.facebook.com/events/1048727661935156/ Dance of the Comets is a short-story written by Paul Scheerbart. It was originally conceived as a scenario for a ballet, a “dance” toward higher aspirations and a staging of the author's lifelong yearning for a home in the universe.

Scheerbart published a long succession of fantasy novels, articles, and poems between 1889 and his death in 1915, in which he insisted that the universe is far too rich and complex to be comprehended by reason alone. Only naive wonder — the basis of the sublime — could promote the development of higher forms of understanding. Sura and the Side-Pocket Experience opening,,. Gira Dahnee