The 3ARTS  A Call to Love Campaign is Live!!!  

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I am so excited to bring all this new music to the world! - Gira  

Thanks to everyone who donated!  

 * UPDATE So I have great news! I have reached my $3,000 goal for my 3Artscrowdfunding campaign thanks to all my friends and family! However, there is more work to be done- it cost about 3,900 dollars to make vinyl records therefore any future monies donated will go to the vinal writing portion of the project! Thank you for your support fam! I am sooo looking forward to make this happen! -Love Gira!

Supporters who donated $50 or more to A Call to Love  

Athea Teamer * Adam Zanolini * Scott McNiece * Madja Jaishankar * Zahra Alabanza  * Kelly Mosely Paul * Lauren Barnes *

Koffi Ofosu-Yeboah * Robert and Sylvia Glass * Norman Teague *Edward Onaci * Rasheda Den'e Kilpatrick * Emelda Lawson 

Charles Hasen-Kilpatrick  * Mia Henry * Aaron Reed * Angel Elmore * Sandra Kilpatrick * Tsadakeeyah Emmanuel * Viva Yeboah*

Nyamekye Laird * Braxton Holmes * Michael Strode * Cauleen Smith * Eileen Hare * Shamilia McBean * Lamar Garnes